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CLASSIFICATION OF VIRECHANA DRUGS ETYMOLOGY The word Virechana is formed from ‘rich’ dhatu which means evacuation. By the addition of ‘lyut’ pratyaya to it, the word Rechana is formed which is used to denote the process of virechana. DEFINITION Elimination of dosha through adhobhaga is known as Virechana karma. Although in a broader sense, virechana includes both vamana and virechana. But Cakrapani has specified that ‘adhobhaga’ means guda. Classification – MODERN VIEW LAXATIVES These are the drugs that promote evacuation of bowels. According to the intensity of action, they are classified into – i) Laxative or Aperients – these have milder action and eliminate soft but formed stools. ii) Purgatives – These have stronger action resulting in more evacuation. These are of following types - 1) BULK FORMING AGENTS These add bulk to faecal matter by retaining water so that they can pass more easily through intestines. Eg. Dietary fibre, barley(yava), Sod. Sulp…

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